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Industry specific CMS/CRM  Rights integration  Business intelligence 


In our experience most TV distributors have a website and maybe a screening system, NOT a specialised Content Discovery Platform.

A Content Discovery Platform ensures complete security and maximum visibility of content, to the right people at the right time, every time.

OTV gives you access to the 17 years we have spent developing our systems exclusively to become the industry standard Content Discovery Platform.

We are now offering a template solution giving you the most economical way to access the most comprehensive sales systems available in the TV distribution industry.

Our templates have been developed with, and tested by, some of the busiest TV distributors in the world.

All3Media International saw a 300% increase in online screenings when they took up our latest Content Discovery Platform.

We will tailor one of our highly sophisticated templates to your branding and enable you to present your content to the right people at the right time, every time, in the most precise and professional way, 24 hours a day, which will drive your sales.

Using our 'faceted search engine' your buyers will be able to filter to exactly the programming they require in seconds, and lead to increased sales.

Buyers can be alerted to specific content at a pre-sale stage, safely and securely.

Internal users can be alerted to specific pre sale content, safely and securely.

The cost of your sales and marketing, customer relationship management and materials work-flows will be greatly reduced by using our platform.

You will gather 'business intelligence', this is the collection and organisation of knowledge gained through the use of your Content Discovery Platform. This enables you to implement an effective sales strategy, and provides you with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.

Your platform can be integrated with rights/availability and contract creation systems and deliver your publicity/broadcast materials.

Your platform can integrate your online and offline sales and marketing activities with activity logs, mobile screening tools and MIP market systems.

iPad / mobile screening

Screen anywhere anytime  No internet connection needed to screen 
Programme information displayed  Split by genres  Predictive Search 

You can have an iPad application that loads your video and programme information onto your iPad for use without the need for a high speed internet connection.

The iPad application links to your website enabling an automatic update with the latest titles, a specific slate update for a market or your sales execs can select and download the programmes they are focusing on from your entire online catalogue.

They then have a fully mobile screening system to take to markets around the world.

For an overview of how it works in a new browser tab, click/touch here