Matt's BIO

With the advent of the World Wide Web Matt started his first web development agency in 1996, winning one of the fist website design awards ever given for his work with Meadowhall, the then largest retail centre in Europe.

Matt went on to get involved in the video and satellite business and developed a satellite video news release (instant video news releases to the desktops of city traders) and video conferencing system. He then moved this system on in partnership with Telecine the biggest post production house in Europe at the time, and invented the world’s first satellite video jukebox system.

This was installed in 250 pubs UK wide and Matt’s Digital Media Solutions department at Telecine came second to the BBC in the ‘Innovation of the year award 1999’.

Matt then developed the first a digital screening system for TV distributors and picked up Channel 4 International as his first client and founded OTV Ltd. He has gone on to oversee the development of the definitve internet based Content Discovery Platform for TV distributors, picking up over 20 UK TV distributors along the way.

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